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You are glowing! Radiant with the new life growing inside you. Capturing your love and excitement for that little one is truly a special privilege that I do not take lightly. I love it when Dad and siblings want to be included in these special moments!


Fresh 48's, Posed Newborn and Lifestyle newborn. Chose your style to capture your new baby's earliest days.

Lifestyle sessions are not just for newborn but can be done anytime in the baby's first year, to capture what your life was like in those early days.


I love it when Mom's bring their family back to me, year after year! Let's keep telling your story, documenting your family's journey together, as everyone changes throughout the years.

The real, the mundane, yet so precious moments

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Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Krisondra. I am a mom of 4 and have been a photographer for 20+ years.

I am a motherhood focused Lifestyle Photographer. I am passionate about capturing your family's unique personality by creating memories.. precious moments that tell YOUR STORY.

Based in East Texas. I may be willing to travel, so just ask!

More About My Story

Our kids grow up so fast.

Capturing sweet moments of you with your little ones, and the tender love that you had for them, will be treasured for many years to come by you and your babies. Don't let those memories fade away...

Why hire a family photographer?

These are the good ole days, moments you will look back on...

How often do mom's get pictures WITH their kids?
Every day is special.. These moments are so precious, and yet they go by all too quickly.
You will want to capture right now, so you won't forget what your family looked like, what it felt like..to be together, holding your sweet children in your arms, holding their hands.
Before you know it, your children will be grown, your family will change.
Capture your moments together, today!

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One Year old Portraits Session East Texas Lifestyle Photographer
One Year old Portraits Session East Texas Lifestyle Photography
First Birthday Portrait session East Texas Lifestyle Photographer